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FIR-Real Portable Infrared Sauna


The FIR-Real portable infrared sauna As Seen On TV provides deep penetrating therapeutic heat through the use of far infrared rays. What Makes the FIR-Real Sauna Superior To Other FIR Saunas? Virtually 100% of the infrared emitted from the FIR-Real heaters is far infrared between 4 and 14 m, the beneficial range for humans. Includes two powerful 800 Watt ceramic heaters (1600 Watts total) Provides full FIR heat output in 1 minute Ideal Temperature Range, between 160F to 175F (70C to 80C), for activating blood and lymph circulation and metabolism Constant FIR emission Provides even distribution of heat Folding chair with 330 lb capacity included Special reflective fabric made from polypropylene cloth (same as your car sun shade) o Does not absorb direct heat energy o Does not absorb any sweat o Does not allow any bacterial buildup even after years of use o Does not allow any odors even after years of use o Non-gassing o Easy to clean Extra large size Portable Lightweight Completely safe, even with long therapy sessions. It has the passed the CE (European Conformity) and GS (Geprfte Sicherheit) electrical safety standards.



  • Model: 362410

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