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Intervention Episode 47 Caylee DVD


Family environment can make some people more susceptible to addiction. Clearly, this was the case for Caylee, a speed-balling heroin-addict that was taught to count calories by a bulimic mother who was never satisfied. This intervention is for mother and daughter to recognize their problems and find solutions.At 23, Caylee is a bulimic college drop-out with a heroin addiction.Her mother Christy is also bulimic, but does not believe she has a problem.Can an intervention help both parties? 23-year old Caylee had an upbringing that made her especially susceptible to addiction. Her mother, Christy was never satisfied with her accomplishments. Teaching Caylee to count calories at an early age was clearly not advisable. Today, Caylee is a college drop-out, hooked on heroin, bulimic, and incredibly manipulative to those around her. An intervention may be her only hope.This intervention is not for Caylee alone. Christy is a bulimic. Sexually-abused as a child, she is under the misconception that she has managed her life well. While the intervention is mainly for Caylee, Chrsity's problems cannot be ignored. Can mother and daughter both find help? INTERVENTION™ guides a family through the process that may bring both mother and daughter some peace.



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