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High Rollers: A History Of Gambling DVD


From Mississippi riverboats to poker to Powerball, this is the history of gambling in America. It was once considered a vice. Now, it is legal in one form or another in 48 states. Many states themselves sponsor it with lotteries, Powerball jackpots and scratch-to-win cards. But the essential truth about gambling remains the same--there are always more losers than winners.Americans have always been willing to risk all for the big payoff. HIGH ROLLERS shows how the 1895 invention of the slot machine changed gambling forever, and how time-honored, once-legitimate activities such as horse racing, three-card monte, and poker and casino games went underworld. Examine the tension between our love of games of chance and our moralizing prohibitions, from the era of Mississippi riverboat gambling to the Wild West, where Wild Bill Hickok was killed during a poker game. Travel to Las Vegas, the town that sold its soul to create a high-stakes gambling extravaganza. And get an intimate look at the growth of the latest trend--Native American run casinos that have changed the face of gambling.From smoke filled rooms to "family entertainment," this is an eye-opening look at how we choose to lose, and hope to win.


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