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Intervention Episode 53 - Brooke DVD


Brooke, 26, was a beautiful, vivacious teenager with a magnetic personality who grew up in a tight-knit, Oklahoma home. In high school, Brooke was an elite gymnast on the cheerleading squad with a successful and athletic life ahead of her. Then tragedy struck in Brooke's senior year - she was crippled by the sudden onset of Still's disease, an early form of rheumatoid arthritis. The star athlete instantly became disabled. Brooke was treated with narcotics to relieve her chronic pain. Her doctors began prescribing higher and higher doses and it wasn't long before Brooke lived solely for her medications, constantly seeking relief from the agony.Her addiction has escalated so far that Brooke often falls, passes out while eating, and drives while over-medicated. Despite her family's protests, Brooke adamantly denies that she is an addict and insists that she is doing what she's been instructed to do by her doctors. Her family can no longer sit by and watch their daughter and sister deteriorate. An intervention is their last hope.



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