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Modern Marvels: Survival Technology DVD


Military experts reveal the secrets of survival and we'll get an up close look at the inventions that help preserve life in extreme conditions. Mankind is a creature of its environment, an organism that needs specific physical demands to be met in order to function. But as our species expanded across the globe, we adapted ourselves to an ever-expanding range of environments.SURVIVAL TECHNOLOGY ventures to the extremes of the earth and beyond to examine the survival strategies that let us stay alive. From pre-historic man's attempts at clothing and shelter to the latest spacesuits, it's an extraordinary journey through the history of innovation as applied to the most important task of all. Military experts reveal the secrets of survival in the worst conditions, and we'll get an up-close look at state-of-the-art survival gear, like that being brought to the International Space Station. Finally, a sneak peek at developments in nano-technology points the way to the future of survival.Heat, cold, pressure, altitude and vacuums--all have been vanquished with the help of SURVIVAL TECHNOLOGY.


Modern Marvels

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