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Modern Marvels: Combat Training DVD


See how 21st century warriors prepare for the battles of tomorrow. Until a soldier actually experiences combat, there is no way of knowing how they will react. But modern training methods prepare them for that fateful moment using a sophisticated blend of technology, psychology and physical ordeals.Today's soldiers are the best trained of all time, and by the time they are sent into battle, they will likely have experienced similar situations scores of time in practice. COMBAT TRAINING shows how technological breakthroughs have made war games far more realistic and effective than in the past, as guns that fire harmless lasers and sophisticated tracking systems allow for detailed analysis of every element of mock battles. Yet, as drill instructors relate, a huge part of the job remains the same as always--convincing soldiers that they have the psychological tools required to kill a human being while giving them the physical ones.From the trials undergone by legionnaires in ancient Rome to the U.S. Marine Corps' dreaded "Crucible," MODERN MARVELSTM examines the ways soldiers are prepared for battle.


Modern Marvels

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