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Modern Marvels: ET Tech DVD


Examine the three super-sophisticated probes that are heading to Mars to search for life on the red planet.Leading scientists speculate on the existence of life beyond the earth.Visit the labs of SETI, where scientists scan the skies for alien communications.A comprehensive look at man's search for extra-terrestrial life. In January of 2004, the Earth will invade Mars with three high-tech probes designed to examine the red planet for signs of life, present or past. These extraordinarily sophisticated machines were all launched in the summer of 2003 when Mars was as close to earth as it has come in 60,000 years. They mark the latest chapter in mankind's long fascination with extra-terrestrial life.In ET TECH, MODERN MARVELSĀ® surveys the history of this epic quest, from the heretical 17th century observations of Galileo to the birth of SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) in the 1960s. Examine the work of pioneers like Frank Drake, and find out how we sweep the skies for signs of life. Visit the massive antenna at Arecibo, Puerto Rico that anchors the SETI program, and see how probes like the triumvirate on their way to Mars bring the search to the surface of other worlds.


Modern Marvels

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