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Modern Marvels: 60's Tech DVD


Color TV! Computers the size of Mac® trucks! Lava lamps! Return to the heady days of the Space Age with this affectionate look at the advances that convinced us the "future is NOW!"For over a decade, MODERN MARVELS has brought grand stories to life.The ultimate celebration and investigation of engineering excellence.From broadcast satellites to superballs, high-tech advances in the 60s improved every part of our lives. Celebrating ingenuity, invention and imagination brought to life on a grand scale, MODERN MARVELSĀ® tells the fascinating stories of the doers, dreamers and sometime-schemers who created everyday items, technological breakthroughs and man-made wonders. Putting dogs, monkeys and men into space is all very impressive, but let's not forget the breakthroughs that really made the 60s the decade when science fiction seemed to come true. We're talking color television, transistor radios, the Ford Mustang, touch tone phones and the iconic lava lamp.In this supersonic episode of MODERN MARVELS® we'll revisit the decade when space-age technology trickled into everyday life and suddenly we were all Jetsons. As miniaturization - computers fit into a single room! - and production methods advanced, Americans suddenly found themselves awash in high-tech goodies, from the labor-saving to the simply whimsical. Find out what made these wonderful products tick, beep, glow, zoom and - well, whatever it is lava lamps do. Get under the hood of the hottest rides made during this high point in American automotive expression. Get into the guts of the household electronics that would have seemed magical just a few decades earlier. Become a kid all over again with the amazing toys that in their own right justify the entire NASA program: slot cars, Etch-a-sketch®, superballs, and more. And get "experienced" as rock-and-roll moves to the very, VERY big stage.From the decade that brought us muscle cars, the audio cassette and, oh yeah, the Moon Landing, this is 60s TECH!


Modern Marvels

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