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Modern Marvels: Edison Tech DVD


From his famous successes to false starts and failures, examine the inventing career of the "father of the future."Rare footage and photos from his lab show Edison at work.Learn the fascinating stories behind his incredible inventions - and frequent failures.See how today's engineers are still building on his legacy. He was the father of the future...electric lights, power systems, motion pictures, recorded sound--even the tattoo pen. Life as we know it would be inconceivable without the prodigious output of Thomas Alva Edison.His intense focus on his work came with a hefty personal price, but his reward was a world forever changed by his genius. Years after his death, Edison's effect is seen, heard, and felt everywhere. MODERN MARVELSĀ® follows descendants of his motion-picture camera to the tops of Earth's highest mountains, to the bottoms of its deepest oceans, and even into outer space. We track his innovations in recorded sound to CDs, iPods, sophisticated movie sound, and satellite radio. And we illuminate his world of electric light, powering the world and turning night into day.


Modern Marvels

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