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Modern Marvels: Sub Zero Tech DVD


See how survival suits, snowmobiles and icebreakers have helped man conquer the earth's most chilling places. The human stories behind the inventions and technologies that shape our world.Travel to the South Pole and see how NASA protects astronauts.MODERN MARVELS is the standard bearer for engineering entertainment. Come in from the cold as MODERN MARVELSĀ® explores some of Earth's most frigid places. The advance of technology has expanded our boundaries from the North and South Poles and the depths beneath the Arctic sea ice to the Moon and beyond.Guided by a special breed of experts, SUB ZERO TECH enters these forbidding places to inspect the new U.S. South Pole Station, try on the latest Polartec fashions, ride on the newest snowmobiles and Sno-Cats, sail through glacial waters on ice-breaking ships, and fly on an LC-130 transport plane. See how Antarctic fish might hold clues to more successful organ transplants, and learn how NASA protects its astronauts from the frigid expanse of space. MODERN MARVELSĀ® bundles up for the definitive look at all things frigid.


Modern Marvels

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