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Ice Road Truckers: Season 1 DVD


Hitch a ride with the bravest (or craziest) truck drivers in the world. Get the complete first season of this blockbuster, sub-zero THE HISTORY CHANNEL series!The image for this DVD box cover is currently in development.Inspired by the runaway success of - and unprecedented viewer demand for - the MODERN MARVELS special.Get the entire first season of this blockbuster THE HISTORY CHANNEL series.60 below, 350 miles, 20 miles an hour: one hell of a roadtrip. At the top of the world there is a job like no other. Meet Hugh, Rick, Alex, Jay, T.J and Drew. They are ICE ROAD TRUCKERS. Just 28 inches of frozen water, years of experience and quick reflexes separate them from doom. The draw: a year's worth of salary and bragging rights in just two months. The risks: breakdown, whiteout, subzero temperatures, submersion in a frozen lake. In short, death. In Canada's far North, $40 billion worth of gold and diamonds waits to be extracted from three jackpot mines. Critical equipment and supplies get to these Northwest Territories sites only one way: a 350-mile-long highway across permafrost and frozen lakes. As 26-year veteran Alex Debogorski puts it, it's a "dash for cash," with each trucker racking up as many runs as possible - at up to $2000 per trip - in the eight short weeks before the ice highway melts. Along the way they contend with the most treacherous conditions Nature can throw at them while hauling tons of precious cargo. The truckers that brave this hazardous road form a charismatic and rag-tag fraternity. This mind-blowing series takes you through an entire perilous ice road season: from the construction of this massive frozen highway to the arrival and preparation of the truck fleet; from the first enthusiastic runs to the risky final days when the highway grows unreliable; from deep-winter breakdowns to isolation and boredom on the road. ICE ROAD TRUCKERS puts you in the driver's seat. Shot with 26 high-definition cameras in deepest winter, when saner people head South or stay indoors, this groundbreaking series depicts the rigors and risks of a previously unknown way of life. THE HISTORY CHANNEL crew itself braved every extreme, subjecting their equipment and bodies to months of exposure, to capture the personalities and dangers of this frigid world. Awards and Nominations: 2008 - Prime Time Emmy Awards - Outstanding Cinematography Nonfiction - (Nomination)


Ice Road Truckers

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