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Toolbox: Blowtorch DVD


We'll visit Bernzomatic, where they manufacture the T7000 instant-on torch at a rate of 1 torch every six seconds. Since man first discovered fire he's been trying to harness its power into tools designed to melt, weld, and forge metals and other materials. Ancient Egyptians blew into crude furnaces with reeds to achieve temperatures hot enough to melt the gold in Tutankhamen's famous mask. Colonial silver smiths used a form of blowtorch powered by human breath and alcohol to soldered rings in the 18th century.. But the Public Health Act of 1948 England was the real catalyst for the modern copper blowtorch. By mandating some kind of sanitary arrangement in every house, this act instantly created a vast need for a portable source of heat to weld metal pipes and solder iron. By 1910 there were over 100 companies producing gasoline torches by the names of Vesuvius, Red Dragon, Meteor, Hercules, Hotblast, or Vulcan. By the time Propane started to replace the volatile gasoline fuel in 1925, the tool had finally become the reliable, safe, and portable heating tool that worker's needed. We will also take a trip to Startech Environmental Group whose new supertorch is designed to recreate conditions found only at the center of the Earth.


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