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Modern Marvels: Inventions Of War DVD


Out of the death and suffering of combat have come many of the everyday items we take for granted. War spurs innovation and invention. At no other time is there a more focused effort on common goals, with a free flow of money and manpower supporting the most brilliant minds in the name of developing devices that will help bring about the swift and successful end to the fight. But when the war is over, many of the new machines and technologies find peaceful uses, and some of the everyday items that trace their origins to combat are quite surprising.MODERN MARVELSTM traces the martial beginnings of everything from hair spray to the microwave. Some, like Spam, were born out of the scarcity of goods on the home front, while others are direct descendants of weapons of mass destruction. But these are just two examples among many, and by following a "day in the life" of an ordinary woman, we'll see the incredible range of everyday objects that owe their existence to war.


Modern Marvels

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