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Modern Marvels: Engineering Disasters 21 DVD


Disaster can strike at any moment, but some could have been prevented. Experts analyze what went wrong when a steam pipe exploded in Midtown New York, when a Chinook helicopter crashed on the Autobahn, and when a freeway overpass collapsed in Oakland. Travel around the world with MODERN MARVELS® to see how future disasters can be prevented.MODERN MARVELS® analyzes the root problems that caused industrial engineering disasters.See highway disasters in New York, Boston, Oakland, and Mannheim.Learn the disastrous effects of a "mud volcano". The benefits of modern engineering are innumerable, and we pass examples of it everyday without a second thought. However, when something goes wrong, it can bring our daily lives to an abrupt standstill.Watch the commuting disaster that ensues when a steam pipe explodes in Midtown and sends debris flying into the sky. See the nightmare that occurs when sections of a tunnel ceiling in Boston's Big Dig highway begin to pelt the road below. When a tanker explodes on an Oakland freeway overpass, the structure begins to collapse, endangering the road below. In a most bizarre case, see villages that have been left buried sixteen feet deep in mud when oil workers hit a "mud volcano".MODERN MARVELS® investigates the reasons for these disasters. Though some events, like a helicopter crashing on the Autobahn, appear to be freak accidents, hear experts weigh in on what could have been done to prevent these seemingly chance occurrences. Beyond the analysis of what went wrong, hear opinions on what should be done to prevent future tragedy.


Modern Marvels

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