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Modern Marvels: More Doomsday Tech DVD


Go inside the center which tracks potentially threatening asteroids and get a harrowing look at cyber-terrorism. What would it take to destroy life on earth? Is it even possible? What level of devastation would it take to destroy human society? MORE DOOMSDAY TECH continues the chilling look at the very worst worst-case scenarios.From the far reaches of space to tiny viruses, there are many potential doomsday sources. Large asteroids have hit our planet before and likely will again. Experts demonstrate the Near Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT) program and methods being developed to destroy those that might strike earth. Then, it's on to bioterrorism's sinister technologies--highly virulent agents like smallpox and plague which can be weaponized. Next, an ex-hacker turned cyber-security expert shows how vulnerable the nation's computers are to cyberterror. Finally, examine the controversial world of biotechnology. Could genetically engineered crops backfire? Does a brave new world of genetically selected beings loom in our not-so-distant future?


Modern Marvels

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