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Modern Marvels: Missile Submarines DVD


Go on patrol onboard one of the most sophisticated and deadly ships ever built a nuclear-powered and armed "boomer." The first submarines were tiny, cramped and noisy. Today's missile subs approach 600 feet in length, carry a crew of hundreds and are capable of running virtually silently beneath the world's oceans for months at a time. Many military strategists feel that they are the most effective and powerful weapons ever developed.MISSILE SUBMARINES is an extraordinary look at these incomparable ships. From the first ships of the "George Washington" type, launched in 1959, to the stunning Soviet "Typhoons" and the U.S. "Lafayette" subs, trace the refinements and breakthroughs that made these ships into the undisputed masters of the seas.Find out how these vessels influenced the course of the Cold War and continue to shape policy to this day. And go aboard a modern "boomer" as it patrols deep beneath the waters on its silent, vital mission.


Modern Marvels

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