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Modern Marvels: Observatories - Stonehenge to Space Telescopes D


Trace the complete history of mankind's eternal quest to unlock the mysteries of the heavens, and get an astonishing view of the very edge of the universe through the incredible Hubble telescope. Mankind has always been a race of stargazers even before the invention of the wheel, primitive cultures built great stone monuments to record the movements of the heavens. But in just the last century, a handful of pioneers have learned more about the wonders of the universe than all of the dreamers before them could have ever imagined. Join some of the world's most renowned scientists for the complete story of observatories from Stonehenge to the Hubble telescope. Meet the men and women who battled public ridicule in the quest to unlock the secrets of the cosmos. And astronomers reveal the discoveries that may finally offer a glimpse at the very dawn of creation itself. It's a space voyage more incredible than science fiction!


Modern Marvels

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