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Modern Marvels: The Pig DVD


Do you smell bacon? That's just THE HISTORY CHANNEL® cooking up another heaping helping of captivating information in this porcine DVD!Snout to curly tail, the pig is a culinary, historical and medical phenomenon.For over a decade, MODERN MARVELS has brought grand stories to life.The ultimate celebration and investigation of engineering excellence. Celebrating ingenuity, invention and imagination brought to life on a grand scale, MODERN MARVELSĀ® tells the fascinating stories of the doers, dreamers and sometime-schemers who created everyday items, technological breakthroughs and man-made wonders. Long maligned for filthiness and gluttony, pigs are actually highly intelligent and complex animals with a remarkable set of characteristics that make them enormously useful in many applications, from bomb-sniffing to organ transplantation. Plus, they are delicious. MODERN MARVELS® travels from the lab to the sty to explore the many Ways of the Pig. Whether giving their bodies to science &mdash from eyes to pancreas many of their organs closely match our own &mdash or to the dinner table, you'll discover the fascinating role pigs play in our society. See the pig transformed into bacon, ham, ribs and sausage using a high tech water knife at Burger's Smokehouse in Missouri. Then Chef Chris Cosentino recreates old-world dishes from pig parts and culinary artisans attempt to duplicate long-vanished pork specialties like prosciutto and acorn-fed pigs. This episode of MODERN MARVELS® will keep you on your trotters!


Modern Marvels

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