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Modern Marvels: Harvesting DVD


Trace the development of the massive machines that have transformed a season's labor into the work of mere hours. A fascinating look at the mega-machines that have remade American agriculture.Head onto the factory floor to see how they are madeSee why some jobs remain beyond the capabilities of even the latest equipment. Cutting, digging, picking, stripping, shaking and raking--whatever the crop, there's a custom machine to harvest it. It all began with hand picking, but today it's often one man and one machine harvesting hundreds of acres in a matter of hours.From Ancient Egypt to automated "squeezers," "shakers" and electric eyes, MODERN MARVELSĀ® follows the never-ending advancement of mankind's methods for transferring crops from the field to the table. Go on the factory floor as modern mega-machines are assembled and see how 21st technology is helping ease the delicate jobs that must still be done by hand.Farmers detail the advances that have transformed their lives and jobs, and engineers offer a sneak peak at the next generation of HARVESTING technology.


Modern Marvels

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