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Navigation DVD


From dead-reckoning to dead-accurate GPS systems, trace the history of navigation. From the time the first sailor ventured beyond the sight of land, we have worked to perfect ways of keeping track of our place on the waters. In a journey that extends beyond recorded history, NAVIGATION details how everything from dead-reckoning to GPS systems work.Find out how navigational advances helped spawn the age of discovery, as explorers were able to fix their position with far greater accuracy than in the past--allowing for longer journeys. Trace the incredible voyages of ancient mariners like the Polynesians and Vikings, who crossed vast distances with only the wind, waves, and heavens to show the way--and learn how they found their way. Finally, go inside the high-tech systems that allow modern navigators to pinpoint their position to within a few feet anywhere on the surface of the earth!Filled with captivating commentary from maritime historians, the story of NAVIGATION is also the story of discovery, of man's constant attempts to unlock the secrets of his world.


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