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Modern Marvels: Traffic DVD


Go into air traffic control centers and the planning offices of transportation managers nationwide for a revealing look at a growing crisis. On any summer weekend in the Northeast, the roads are as likely to resemble parking lots as thoroughfares. In vital airports nationwide, the takeoffs and landings are so tightly scheduled that the slightest miscalculation could mean disaster.As the American economy continues to surge a very real bottleneck is emerging--the ability of the infrastructure to handle the traffic it generates. And this issue affects much more than weekend travelers. MODERN MARVELSTM visits planning offices and government agencies for an eye-opening look at, literally and figuratively, the road we are on. See how small the margins for error have become--and how disastrous the results can be when problems arise. And as our traffic systems come closer to their capacity, crises are likely to become more frequent.In the air and on the roads, rails and water, TRAFFIC looks at just how we get from point A to point B, and why the journey may soon take a lot longer.


Modern Marvels

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