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Modern Marvels: Siege Machines DVD


From catapults to laser cannons, examine the machines called in to do the dirty work of warfare. When the enemy is dug in, defending their castle, or otherwise well fortified, it is time to call in the SIEGE MACHINES. Ever since mankind has waged war, we have developed weapons specifically intended to overcome difficult defenses. Often, they have ended up deciding more than the outcome of specific conflicts--they have changed the way wars are fought.From the initial long-range missile weapon--the slingshot--to laser cannons and other space-age devices, MODERN MARVELSĀ® traces the development of these deadly devices. Through the commentary of military scholars, visits to important weapons collections and exciting re-enactments, the program shows how some of the most famous siege devices work, and we'll see how the principles developed during the age of trebuchets and catapults applies to the world of modern warfare.The best offense may be a good defense, but even the best defense can be overcome!


Modern Marvels

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