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Intervention Intervention In Depth Huffing DVD


They're cheap, easy to get and legal. They're also deadly. But that's not stopping teenagers and young adults from using chemical inhalants to get high. Hundreds of everyday products ' household cleaners, disinfectants, computer dusters ' contain chemicals that when breathed in give a powerful five-second high. It's called huffing and studies show that over two million kids nationwide are doing it. INTERVENTION IN DEPTH: HUFFING takes a powerful look at the trend and how it is shocking parents and destroying young lives. Allison was a promising pre-med college student when a boyfriend introduced her to chemical inhalants. She was a dedicated huffer who didn't care that she was flirting with death. Having now been clean for nearly two years, she says she had no idea how out of control she was. Jeff, a police officer and Kathy, a nurse thought they were the most vigilant parents when it came to substance abuse. But when their outgoing 14-year-old son Kyle started showing odd symptoms, his tongue hurt, he was vomiting, his temper was raging, they were baffled. One morning when Kathy went to wake him up for school, she discovered him sitting up in bed with a slim red straw in his mouth' he was dead, with a can of computer duster in his lap. Other tragic cases are profiled, clearly calling for preventive measures and needed education against this deadly high.



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