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Game of Thrones Winterfell Coins [Set of 3]


Prepare to trade in Winterfell with the Game of Thrones Winterfell Coin Set. The set includes a Silver Pfenig (half-stag) of Eddard Stark made of pure silver, cast by hand-engraved dies. The Silver Stag of Torrhen Stark is pressed into pure silver with an image of Torrhen Stark, The King Who Knelt, on one side with a fearsome wolf on the reverse. The Silver Stag of King Torrhen Features King Torrhen Stark on one side with a wolf on the reverse, made of pure silver. The set also include a Penny of King Torrhen with Torrhen Stark on one side and a wolf on the reverse. Get this set and youre ready to not only trade, but prove youre a serious fan of Game of Thrones. Extended history: Silver Pfenig of Eddard Stark Coin, Silver Stag of King Torrhen Stark Coin, Copper Penny of King Torrhen Stark Coin GM10, Silver Pfenig (penny or half-stag) of Eddard Stark, Warden .999 fine silver Equivalent to one Westerosi "stag" One pennyweight pure silver ~ 1.6 grammes Eddard (Ned) Stark image on obverse Wolf on reverse This silver piece hearkens back to an early style of coinmaking... when silver was struck thin and 1/20 troy ounce was known as a "pennyweight". Many coins of the time were made heavier by mixing base metals into the silver, but this one is done in pure .999 refined silver and because of its purity is regarded as equivalent to the slightly heavier "Stag". The last ruler of the independant North Kingdom was Torrhen Stark, whose castle at Winterfell features heavily in the first of author George R.R. Martin's novels. Eddard (or Ned) Stark is Torrhen's descendant and Warden of the North. This piece weighs about 1.6 grams of .999 fine silver, and is about 21mm in diameter. The dies have been done in a primitivistic style and "fabric" reminiscent of the medieval silver pfenig coinage of Northern Germany in the 13th century CE. "Fabric" refers to the heft and feel of a coin... since the coins of this time tended to be quite a bit thinner than the coins we are familiar with today. (note that "pfenig" is the Germanic spelling of "penny" and that originally the penny or pfenig was a silver coin. Monetary debasement in later times reduced the value of this classic denomination to the small copper piece we are familiar with today) The obverse features a facing portrait of the king bearing the famous sword "ICE" and a roundshield, with the inscription EDDARD STARK around in classic style. The reverse features an heraldic Dire Wolf Rampant, and the inscription WINTERFELL. The wolf is the sigil of the house of Stark. Ned would have been playing a dangerous game politically by reverting to a higher purity standard than was current at the time the coin was issued. It is undated (like most ancient coins) but is thought to have been struck at the castle armory of Winterfell towards the end of Eddard's tenure. When Eddard (spoiler alert) was betrayed and beheaded, the new owners of Winterfell not only hunted down his entire family but also demand


Game of Thrones

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