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Ice Road Truckers Mug & Season 2 DVD Set


Ice Road Truckers Heat Sensitive MugCA Proposition 65-California residents please be advised, as per the Prop. 65 Warning: The colored artwork or designs used on this product contains lead and/or cadmium, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm. Ice Road Truckers: The Complete Season 2 DVDIce Road Truckers returns for a second high-tension season, but this time around, the job takes them even farther north - 100 miles inside the Arctic Circle. The adventure takes off in Inuvik, a small town where freak blizzards, polar bears, -50 C temperatures, and isolation are all too common.Most dangerous of all are the new ice roads, built not only on rivers, but miles out into the Arctic Ocean! Even slight miscalculations in speed can force the frigid water to crash up through the ice with catastrophic consequences for man and machine. Just how punishing are the conditions? One of the team members quits before he makes it to the ice! Youll be right beside the truckers as they face mountains of ice, deadly cold, extreme hardship, and equipment that collapses under the strain of the elements. Its a treacherous, bone-numbing job just the kind of challenge that keeps this special breed of driver coming back for more. BONUS: Episodes ''Road to Season 2'' and ''Off the Ice, Season 2''; Featurettes ''About the Ice Road'', ''Meet the Truckers'', ''Life in Northern Canada'', ''Dangers on the Ice Road'', and ''Arctic Animals'' Volume 1: Edge of the Earth / Mechanical Mayhem / The Big Blizzard / Arctic Whiteout EDGE OF THE EARTH: Daring truckers hauling 88,000-pound loads will venture far north, driving over the Arctic Ocean on a highway made of nothing more than ice. MECHANICAL MAYHEM: A long unused truck, an irreparably damaged rig, and the aftermath of an ice road accident test the endurance of veterans and rookies. THE BIG BLIZZARD: As a blizzard approaches and safety concerns shut down ice roads, a trucker must rescue a driver whose rig is stranded on the weakest part of the road. ARCTIC WHITEOUT: A dangerous storm that brings whiteout conditions forces the postponement of a huge job: breaking camp and moving a fragile 135-foot, $250,000 derrick. BONUS: Featurette ''About the Ice Road'' Volume 2: Lost on the Ice / Hundred Ton Haul / Man Down / A Truckers Farewell LOST ON THE ICE: A risky loading procedure could tax the ice to its breaking point, and a trucker who has missed a turn-off is lost and in danger. HUNDRED TON HAUL: Worsening health problems and the heaviest load of his ice road career bring pressure to bear on a rookie trucker. MAN DOWN: A driver is medivacked to the Yellowknife hospital, and the truckers must now be on guard against a new lethal danger spotted in the area: a polar bear. A TRUCKERS FAREWELL: While a grim diagnosis may mean the end of one truckers ice road season, another is forced by the weight of his load100,000 poundsto drive no faster than 16 mph. BONUS:


Ice Road Truckers

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