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How The Earth Was Made Seasons 1 & 2 DVD Set


How the Earth Was Made: The Complete Season 1 DVD SetSpectacular on-location footage, evidence from geologists in the field, and clear, dramatic graphics combine in this stunning 13-part series from HISTORY™ to show how immensely powerful, and at times violent, forces of geology have formed our planet. From the Great Lakes to Iceland, the San Andreas Fault to Krakatoa, HOW THE EARTH WAS MADE travels the globe to reveal the physical processes that have shaped some of the most well-known locations and geological phenomena in the world. With rocks as their clues and volcanoes, ice sheets, and colliding continents as their suspects, scientists launch a forensic investigation that will help viewers visualize how the earth has evolved and formed over millions of years. Experience all 13 episodes of this landmark series for the first time on DVD. Volume 1: San Andreas Fault / The Deepest Place on Earth / Krakatoa / Loch Ness Volume 2: New York / Driest Place On Earth / Great Lakes Volume 3: Yellowstone / Tsunami / Asteroids Volume 4: Iceland / Hawaii / The Alps SAN ANDREAS FAULT: The San Andreas Fault runs 800 miles through some of the most valuable real estate in the world. Though the southern section hasn't had a significant quake for over 300 years, recent warnings have Los Angeles primed for a destructive quake that could wreak havoc on the city. THE DEEPEST PLACE ON EARTH: Lying seven miles below the surface of the sea, the Marianas Trench is the deepest place on Earth. Investigate the mystery of this strange underwater abyss, where a world of fiery mountains, bizarre marine mud volcanoes, and devastating tsunamis reveal how the deepest scar on Earth's crust was created. KRAKATOA: The 1883 eruption of the Krakatoa volcano unleashed an explosion that was heard more than 2,000 miles away, and triggered a giant 100-foot tsunami that wiped out more than 36,000 people. What made this corner of our planet so dangerous, and could another catastrophic eruption be on the way? LOCH NESS: Loch Ness, home to the legend of the Loch Ness monster, holds more water than any other lake in Britain. It's only 10,000 years old, but billions of years in the making. Trace the lake's extraordinary history and find out if the famed monster could really have survived in its murky waters. NEW YORK: Built on the remains of mountains that 450 million years ago were as tall as the Himalayas, New York is one of the most man-made spaces on the planet. Learn how everything about it - from the height of its skyscrapers to the position of its harbor - is governed by the amazing forces that shaped it. DRIEST PLACE ON EARTH: Since human records of the area began, some places in the Atacama Desert have never received rain; yet strange bacteria have been discovered living there. Look into the riddle of this South American desert to discover how this extraordinarily dry landscape was created. GREAT LAKES: The Great Lakes of North


How The Earth Was Made

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