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Star Trek Attack Wing Reliant Expansion Pack


Flesh out your gameplay with the Star Trek Attack Wing Reliant Expansion Pack. The U.S.S. Reliant is a Miranda-Class starship devoted to science and scouting mission. In 2285, the genetically engineered tyrant, Khan Noonien Singh, commandeered the vessel in an effort to escape his imprisonment on Ceti Alpha V and then exact his long awaited revenge on James T. Kirk. In the midst of this plot, Khan stole the powerful Genesis device, an instrument capable of massive creative and destructive potential. Expansion Pack Contains: 1 U.S.S. Reliant/Miranda Class Pre-painted Miniature 1 Plastic Base 2 Plastic Pegs 1 Ship Token 1 Maneuver Dial 5 Action Tokens - 1 Evade Token - 1 Battle Stations Token - 1 Scan Token - 1 Red Target Lock Token - 1 Blue Target Lock Token 3 Shield Tokens 1 Critical Hit Token 1 Auxiliary Power Token 1 Disabled Upgrade Token 6 Captain ID Tokens 2 Ship Cards 1 Maneuver Card 3 Captain Cards 7 Upgrade Cards 2 Mission Cards


Star Trek

  • Model: 451192

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